Monday, 18 July 2011

Topcoder Arena Desktop Application

Hello everyone out there !
Today I have brought you'll very interesting trick here.
You all know running topcoder arena applet. Each thime when the topcoder arena is run what actually happens is it downloads the arena applet from topcoder server which is about 2mb in size so for the one's who have slow network or even on normal networks it takes a couple of minutes or more each time you want to enter the arena.
So for all those out there who don't want to wait for that much amount of time to let the arena load I have a really cool tweak.
What I did was load the arena applet on my pc and then searched the browser cache for applet file once I found it I saved it and studied how it is configured to run and "converted arena applet to a desktop application" so that it runs as your local application so it doesn't take any time to load at all and runs immediately. I have also included a couple of editors in it(KawagiEdit, PopsEdit) etc. You can add your own plugins to it.

To run it simply run the "run TopcoderArena.bat" file.

So who ever wants to download the arena application here is the link to it.
Topcoder Arena

If you do like it plz let me know by leaving a comment.


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