Monday, 18 July 2011

Topcoder Arena Desktop Application

Hello everyone out there !
Today I have brought you'll very interesting trick here.
You all know running topcoder arena applet. Each thime when the topcoder arena is run what actually happens is it downloads the arena applet from topcoder server which is about 2mb in size so for the one's who have slow network or even on normal networks it takes a couple of minutes or more each time you want to enter the arena.
So for all those out there who don't want to wait for that much amount of time to let the arena load I have a really cool tweak.
What I did was load the arena applet on my pc and then searched the browser cache for applet file once I found it I saved it and studied how it is configured to run and "converted arena applet to a desktop application" so that it runs as your local application so it doesn't take any time to load at all and runs immediately. I have also included a couple of editors in it(KawagiEdit, PopsEdit) etc. You can add your own plugins to it.

To run it simply run the "run TopcoderArena.bat" file.

So who ever wants to download the arena application here is the link to it.
Topcoder Arena

If you do like it plz let me know by leaving a comment.

Friday, 15 July 2011

My Gmail Notifier

Hey hello again.

Since I don't have a habit of checking my mail very frequently becoz it contains more spams and useless advertisements then actual useful mails. And many a times I get a few mails that are actually useful but fail to check them out in time. I many a times faced this problem with topcoder who notifies you when there is a new SRM event on schedule.

So then I thought why not to make a gmail notifier which notifies you when you get a mail from the account you set in it to listen on. And when you get a mail from them it notifies you by sending an sms to you on your phone.

So you can configure it the way you want by using the input.ini file in it. For using this you need to have an account on then paste your username and password for gmail and youmint in the file along with the account on which you want to listen. Currently it supports only one account you can listen on. Plz suggest improvements since it is only in initial phase. It is open source so you can have the code for it. It is written in java so you need jre to run and jdk to compile it.

You can download this app here:
Click here

Note: This app currently works only in India

Monday, 11 July 2011

My Youmint API to send free sms

Recently I saw a site that allows sending free sms without advertisements called .
I registered and sent a few sms. But then an idea struck me is there any way to send sms using from a desktop application or is it possible to include it in our own applications.
So I searched the web for a youmint api, but was unsuccessful. Then I decided to write my own "unofficial" api for youmint

So then to write a youmint api I thought of emulating the web browser so that my application actually communicates with the website as web browser is communicating with it. For this I used Paros Proxy to study the actual http request response between my web browser and .
First I set up the Paros Proxy to listen on my port 8080. Then configured my browser to use the localhost:8080 as proxy server. Then all the communication between my computer and was captured in the form of http request and response headers.

Then studying http communication between server and browser I used Java to write my API. Went through the Java documentation for the classes and functions to use to connect with website through the application. 

I used the URL and HttpConnection class from the package to communicate with the server. By setting the request header fields in the same way as in original connection I emulated the web browser making the site think that it is actually communicating with a web browser instead of some application.

To use this api you need to have an account on .Currently my API only contains a send() function to send the sms. It takes 4 arguments username,password, sender no. and message. All are strings.
You can add as many recipients as you like separated by semicolon(;). The message can be upto 160 characters only. You also need JDK to use this API in your apps.

You can download the api here:
Click here to download

It works only in India since youmint is a service provided only in India

Thanks and enjoy free smsing.
Signing off for now see yaaa............................!

Welcome to My Blog

Hi friends this is Narendra
This is my first post.So not to say too much.
I have started this technical blog to share my day-to-day findings,views, ideas and lots of other things with you’ll.
Warm welcome to all of you :)
So here we go. I’m blogging now. I hope you’ll like it!……………………………..!